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CryoPen™ – the Skin Perfector treatment that uses extreme cold, or cryotherapy, to painlessly helps provide flawless skin by safely destroy unwanted, benign and superficial lesions on the surface of the skin, reducing skin imperfections quickly and effectively in a matter of minutes.

What is CryoPen™ used to treat?
CryoPen™ treats benign skin lesions on the surface of the skin, many of which are no longer able to be treated by doctors under the NHS, due to their cosmetic nature.
CryoPen™ can treat lesions on the face, scalp and body including:
Skin tag removal*
Age/liver spots*
Cherry angioma*
Viral verrucae (warts) *
Solar lentigo (sun spots) *
Other pigmentation such as resistant hyperpigmentation*
Plantar warts removal*
Popular nevi (moles, birthmarks etc) *
Contagiosum (water warts) *
Hyperplasia *

How long does it last?
Clinical data shows that the results are permanent after one or two treatments. Some types of skin lesions may return in other places if you are prone to such manifestations.

* Treatment Results
Treatment results can vary from person to person and are objective. Therefore clients results cannot be guaranteed.
However during your consultation Amanda our Aesthetic practitioner will always endeavour to explain any possible variations before the treatment begins. Amanda will always advise you if she thinks a particular treatment isn’t suitable for you.
* clients experience and results may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age, medical history and home care