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Double Chin Lipo

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Double Chin Loss

Lipo laser wand for fat reduction of Double Chin, Neckwaddles, Facial flabby jowls.
Did you know 59% of Women and 41% of men have concerns about their double chin, Neckwaddles and Facial flabby jowls. Sometimesclients can find this problem can be hereditary. Or if a client has lost a lot of weight from other parts of their body, but then left with excessive fat in the chin and neck or jaw linearea.
With the help of our Lipo laser Wand its Non-Invasive, and best of all its pain-free. With cutting-edge laser technology, we can dissolve unwanted fat cells from the double chin, neckwaddles, Facial flabby jowls or even the décolleté area.

How does Lipo Laser Wand work?
The gentle heat of the Lipo laser wand causes contraction of the collagen fibres to immediately tone and tighten the skin. The Lipo laser wand help break down the triglycerides within the fat cell into free fatty acids and glycerol. The laser makes the cell porous allowing the fatty acids and glycerol to escape, causing the fat cell to shrink. The best part about this treatment is that the breakdown of fat mimics. The body uses this to create energy during the body’s metabolism. This helps the double chin, neck and décolleté area look younger and more refreshed. *

Is the Lipo Laser Wand Treatment Comfortable?
Most of my clients feel very little during their Lipo Laser Wand treatment and find it comfortable and relaxing. The typical sensation felt is slight warmth where the Lipo Laser Wand are in contact with clients skin.

Eliminates fat cells without surgery through…

  • ULTRASOUND technology, fat cells are destroyed and emptied through your own lymphatic system.
  • Skin looks younger and more refreshed
  • Session are easy, quick & painless
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Can be performed in 30 minutes during your lunch break.
  • For more in-depth fat reduction treatment try hifu page.