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Infralight Beer Belly

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How does Infra-Light Boot Camp Laser work for stomach or beer belly reduction
Gentlemen store more fat in their bellies than women as they tend to gain fat in the arms, thighs and buttocks or tummy but is considerably less than men. However, Gentlemen do generally have less fat cells than women, so already things are looking up Infra-light can help with the rapid toning and reshaping of the body contours as the Infra-light gradually increases the temperature of the muscle and releases energy from the surrounding fat cells to provide the ultimate muscle workout. Ideal to help man boob reduction, shape arms, tums, bums, thighs, legs, and reducing muffin tops, stretch marks and beer bellies.*

Where does the fat go when you have an Infra-Light Boot Camp Laser session?
The Fat in the cells begin treated will be can be heated as energy in the body effective heating of the subcutaneous tissue to promote blood circulation, accelerate the speed of the metabolism of adipose tissue. (just like when you exercise and release fat) finally, achieve skin firming and reshape reducing belly fat.

Infra-Light Boot Camp Laser is completely non-invasive and non-surgical
These four techniques combine to enhance metabolism in treated cells, shrink fat cells, and boost lymphatic drainage.

  • uses multiple laser techniques to reshape the target area:
  • bipolar radiofrequency energy,
  • mechanical massage,
  • infrared light energy.

How quickly will I see results?
Many clients see measurable results after their first session.

How long can I keep the result?
Amanda will have recommended you to get maintenance treatments periodically. Like all non-surgical or surgical techniques, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

For more stubborn fat Amanda Recommends Ultra Ice Fat Freezing
which is a method of freezing fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer, destroying the cells? The cell remnants are then gradually removed by the body. Because this treatment removes fat cells rather than shrinking them, treated regions are less likely to gain new inches.
However, we can use both treatments to get great results together.