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New AHA Skin Booster for Anti -Ageing

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New AHA Skin Booster for Anti -Ageing for face, neck , décolleté and hands

AHA Skin Booster is one of the most effective mesotherapy solutions available on the market. This injectable anti-age product is with guaranteed noticeable and quick skin rejuvenation results. This is a mesotherapy product that has very similar effects in dealing with wrinkles and nasolabial folds, similarly to traditional dermal fillers. Its main active ingredient is sodium hyaluronate. Once injected into the skin, AHA Skin Booster will improve hydration and the moisture levels of the skin, but also restore skin volume and hide away wrinkles.

  • High degree of gel purification minimizes the risk of allergic and other undesirable reactions, once injected offers immediate removal of superficial wrinkles and fine skin lines
  • The product moisturizes the skin, activates the production of elastin and collagen,
  • High concentration of hyaluronic acid triggers the division of fibroblasts (cells of the body’s connective tissue
  • By adding AHA Skin Booster back into the skin we revive collagen and promote a plumper effect, long term the skin is much better hydrated with the noticeable effect of it becoming smoother, softer and with much better elasticity
  • A single injection procedure of AHA Skin Booster is enough to give a huge boost in the clients skin condition

* A course of four is recommended and will be discussed at consultation