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Ultra Therapy HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

Treatment Info

Treatment Detail

HIFU Ladies High Intensity Focused Ultrasound:
Look Between 4 – 8 Years Younger with One Treatment
Increase Blood Circulation
Increases Elastin & Production of Collagen
Re-educates the Muscles
Stimulates Skin Cells
Rejuvenates Skin
Improves, Firms & Tightens Muscles
Eyelid Hood Reduction
Nasonabial Fold Reduction
Improves & Tightens Sagging Skin
Cheek, Jowl & Neck Tightening
Double Chin Reduction
Eye Bag Reduction
Fat Deposit Reduction
Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction
Acne Reduction
Acne Scar Reduction

Most clients need more than one HIFU treatment; however this depends on their skin elasticity and body’s own biological response to the HIFU Ultrasound and its collagen building process.
Client will have fresh young new collagens afterwards. Skin continues to age, so Amanda recommends regular touch up treatments which will help keep up with the ageing process.